Stop fines being issued for term time holidays if attendance is regular.

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I want the government to stop draining hard working people of money over laws thought up for the sole purpose of money making. If children have good attendance throughout the year the parents should be able to make the decision to take their children away during term time as long as attendance does not fall below the standard needed at 92%. The government dictate so much in our lives already and now make a profit on it. This morning myself and my partner have both received penalty notices for both our children totalling £240 to be paid in the next 21 days this is £60 fine each for each child. This is for a 5 day holiday we took during term time. The caravan holiday we took cost £140. This is the first holiday we have took in two years. The basis of the law we are being charged under is irregular attendance both my children have only had this holiday and one morning for a doctors appointment off throughout the year. There attendance is 96%. This is ridiculous and is happening to a lot of people right now. I want this changed and the law to be revised to allow holidays during term time if attendance is good and also for the penalty payment issued, to only be allowed to be issued once against the members responsible for payment. Double payment for the same child is just a slap in the face and shows just how much this is about money. Please sign.

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