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THE INTRODUCTION OF THE BEDROOM TAX AND THE ABOLITION OF COUNCIL TAX WILL TARGET VULNERABLE PEOPLE AND THOSE ALREADY LIVING ON THE POVERTY LINE. PEOPLE FACE BEING MADE HOMELESS AS THEY WILL BE FORCED TO COVER NOT ONLY BEDROOM TAX, BUT THE SHORTFALL CREATED BY THE ABOLITION OF COUNCIL TAX BENEFIT AS WELL. BENEFITS ARE DUE TO BE CAPPED AND THOSE MOST IN NEED ARE AT RISK OF LOSING THEIR HOMES AS THEY STRUGGLE TO MAKE ENDS MEET.There is space to give your reason why you are signing this petition. Have you lived in your home and raised your family there only to be forced out? How are you going to explain this to your children and your grand children who consider the home they were raised in their real " family home"? Were you made redundant and forced to rely on state benefits because you have been unable to find employment? Do you need your spare room to provide respite care for a family member- saving the government money anyway as an unpaid carer? Are you a victim of ATOS? Do you have a physical or mental disabilty that meant you were entitled to DLA, but now find you do not meet the criteria for PIP? Are you being forced to make children of a different sex share a bedroom? Do you have sons and daughters fighting for our country and being forced to pay bedroom tax to keep their room free for their homecoming?There are many, many reasons that we oppose this welfare on the link, sign the petition, and tell us why.

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  • Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
    David Cameron MP

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