Bullying in the workplace. The law on coercive control being expanded into the workplace.

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I have been a victim of bullying in the workplace. Through social media, I have discovered there are many more like me. Workplace bullying causes high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Which lead to long term mental and physical illnesses. If you where assaulted in the workplace, the perpetrator, would be prosecuted. Yet the effects from workplace bullying can be more damaging and In most cases the bullies go unpunished. Companies profess to be caring and loyal to their employees. Usually it's just PR propaganda, or a box ticking exercise and mine in particular, it's just swept under the carpet. The recipient of the bullying, Is branded a trouble maker especially if management are involved. Companies would rather dismiss the victim, as its easier than going through an investigation and if management are the bullies. The senior management and Hr, will want to protect their colleagues and prevent any bad press. Please sign this petition, to put more pressure on the government, and stamp this out. It should be a criminal act. Since this petition was started, there has been a new law introduced on coercive control, for domestic abuse. Let’s push for this law being open to all forms of coercive control, so the workplace bullies can be held accountable.

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