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SAVE the hostels & refuges for all vulnerable women, youth & men

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The Government has announced that they will remove all the funding which will have DISASTROUS & CATASTROPHIC effects on the lives of all these women youth & men stripping them of all their housing, legal & human rights, furthermore highly eroding the civil liberties for these poor, vulnerable people of all ages & above all domestically abused women.

By the removal of all their basic human rights above, this will severely affect all the vulnerable people by impacting on their much needed means of support and safe havens when escaping from tyranny, under severe duress and will further increase human rights violations and atrocities, including high rates of suicide from the pressure of added homelessness and the recurring deaths of already two or more mentally and physically abused women dying each and every week at the hands of their perpetrators, which no doubt will increase if the hostel & refuge closures were to go ahead.

I myself have used a women's hostel to escape domestic violence many years ago and I can tell you from my own experience, that if there is no hope for such a victim of abuse it truly is a MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH and for them to merely feel that they are utterly trapped and isolated in a situation that they cannot escape from,then this is unspeakably the worst psychological torture possible, leaving them ultimately with enormous devastating after effects & scars, not only on the women themselves, but sadly also on their children, undoubtedly exacerbating their mental health and inevitably impacting negatively on their social lives & education enormously, in all manner of speaking and above all tremendously stunting their futures.

So I urge you all to give less than a minute of your time by kindly sharing this petition with all your friends and family in order to sign and seal a more inspirational fate for these innocent and vulnerable women youth and men alike.

In doing so, you most definitely will in all honesty be, truly making a difference by giving them a chance to thrive & live with some dignity and respect as that is our basic human right after all.

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