Resignation of CBSE Chief and HRD Minister

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The most disturbing and sad part of the whole paper leak thing is that our respected HRD Minister (Mr. Prakash Javadekar) and CBSE Chief (Ms. Anita Karwal) haven't resigned from their respected positions. Even if this is not their own fault, they should claim the responsibility and immediately resign as under there leadership such a thing happened. We, the students, feel like the government hasn't done enough into the matter even after so many investigations. Sadly, the education system of our country has failed, the one who should take the responsibility are just giving us false hope that justice will be provided. If they want to prove that we will be provided justice, they should start from themselves. The trust in the education system is shattered, our future has been played with. All we ask is their resignation and then a proper investigation in all the papers. Either there will be all the re exams or none. The government and the board should not take the students power lightly, as we are those who hold the future of the country.