Relax rules on Garden Centres opening during Coronavirus lockdown

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During lockdown it is essential that our mental health is safeguarded as well as our physical health. We know it makes perfect sense to heed the Government guidelines and stay home! When ‘home’ becomes a prison with no parole it changes your outlook on life. Relationships become strained, the hours drag, you eat too much because you are bored and exercise becomes a chore. Isolation and boredom can breed unhappiness. In these challenging times, when bad news is the norm, we really need some positivity!
Gardening is therapeutic, calming and provides an excellent form of exercise. As part of their home schooling, children can be taught how to plant, how to water, how to care and they usually take great satisfaction in their achievements! You might even get them to eat some vegetables if they have actually grown them! To cultivate, create and nurture promotes such well-being! Please, recognise the many benefits - now allow the same access to plants and garden products that we have for food, medicine and DIY items. Growers have worked hard in sowing thousands of seeds, taking tons of cuttings and preparing millions of plants ready for the spring and summer season. They now have abundant plants & stock that just need to go to the outlets that are ready to sell them. We won’t mind the queuing, we won’t mind the sanitising! Local Garden Centres & growers will be glad we care and will support them! Please relax the rules for them and save their businesses - and protect our mental health in the process! We will come through this, but at what cost?