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Public Enquiry into 1950's Adoption scandal

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This scandal went on in reality from the late 1940's through to the early 1970's when illegitimate children were still rather a taboo subject . Children like myself were taken from our mothers at birth by the catholic church or rather the catholic church talked many mothers into giving up their children for adoption so it was not a choice decision by many of the mothers in fact many were convinced by the church that it was the "norm" and the right thing to do . It was NOT just the catholic church it also happened with C of E and many adoption agencies of the period . Many of us ended up being passed round children's homes the main target for high level paedophile rings at the time , I now know many of my childhood friends were beaten , bullied and raped in children's homes and many are not even here to tell the tale , we were often adopted out to incompatible parents and by the time we found ANYTHING out in many cases it was too late everyone was dead ................  In later life no access to past family medical records which can prove a big problem and many many other issues caused with lack of family knowledge , as an example it took me 30 years to get a passport , how can you fill any forms in that ask for parents place of birth etc if you don't know and have no way to find out ? .....and many forms ask such questions  ......... A lot of people are hurting and so are their parents if still alive...........  This should never have happened , it was wrong then , wrong now and always will be wrong ................ A public enquiry is imperative and it should have happened long ago .


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