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Private parking company's to make sure fined people are aware!

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Parking eye are a nightmare and have caused me to have a CCJ! 

I parked in one of their car parks and the machine was broke, so we had no option but to use the pay by phone option. I spoke to someone who took all my bank details and from there I went away and enjoyed my shopping day. 

I never thought anything of it until 2 months later when I got a letter from Nottingham court to advised it was going to court the following day. Tried to find out what was happening and no one could help! A further 2 weeks later, checked my online credit report to see that I have a CCJ!!! I rung, wrote and emailed private Eye and 1 month later after waiting for a reply, they advise that there was nothing they can do even through there was proof provided that we called (phone bill evidence issued to them) they basically advised tough and my bill was around £200!! I explains that no letter have been received but they just did not want to listen. I am now stuck with this CCJ and I hope that others who have faced the same issue will stand by this petition and It can then be taken further. 


I am am asking all to sign the petition to provide your grevianves regarding this company and also to help me get this to be heard in goverment because the fact that they cannot send correspondence to people or state that letters have been issued (honestly nothing was received) they need to be made accountable for the stress caused to hard working people who thought that they had parked legally and paid!!

I hope this is shared to help others from these private car parking companies.


Thanks for your time

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