Prevent homeless and deaths through starvation

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They need to get rid of universal credit most people will not be able to manage money monthly it's hard enough monthly as you don't get enough to live off then let alone every month it'll be gone themail rating or homeless is going to go through the roof as they can't pay there rent people are going to starve therefore crime rates are also going to go up too as people will go to life of crime to survive no matter what the law says at least if you get locked up you will have a roof over your head and three square meals to eat what would people have to lose by having universal credit it's going to drain the system more and cost more money in the long run. People will not stand much more of this we will start to stand up and fight. We supposed to be moving forward with the time not back. Is the any wounder why the drug use hasome gone up people will be taking them so they are numb to what is going on around them. Is this what you want for a country druggies homelessness and dying children. Has the world gone mad. 

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