Pour the Cereal First

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Cereal is a food that is loved by millions and millions of people around the world. The problem here is that there are a large number of people who believe that the correct way to make cereal is to pour the milk first instead of pouring the cereal first. This is obviously incorrect and people need to be informed of the correct way to pour cereal. The only way that having the milk first is slightly acceptable is when you are making a second bowl and you are using some of the leftover milk.

I believe that the solution to this problem is quite simple and with some help from the government, we will be able to stop this horrific problem! I think that the government will be able to help us out by broadcasting a message to everyone in the United States, whether it's on the television or on their cellular devices, telling them that you pour the cereal before the milk. We could also acquire assistance from cereal companies by having them print instructions on how to pour cereal on their boxes. We must stop this misinformation from being spread to even more people and we have to get the people that the misinformation has been spread to, to be informed of the correct way to pour cereal.

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