Let Trinidad and Tobago Nationals Come Home

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At midnight on March 22, 2020, the government of Trinidad and Tobago closed the national borders to all travellers – including Trinbagonian citizens. It has now officially been six months since the closure and thousands of nationals have endured immeasurable emotional, financial and mental anguish as a result of this policy.
Initially, this policy was put in place to protect the general population within the borders from the spread of COVID-19. Now, six months later, Trinidad and Tobago remains shut out from the world with over 2000 active cases and thousands of nationals trapped outside their home. The arguments for closed borders have disappeared in the face of community testing.
Citizens stranded abroad had to find comfort in each other virtually through Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups. They had to rely on each other for housing, food, and even therapy for declining mental health. Some have gone homeless. Some have lost their wives, parents, children and cannot return home to even take care of their families. Children had to survive on sugar water and the kindness of strangers. Many people have had no income for half a year. Some have lost their jobs and had to find ways to survive in a foreign country with crumbs of assistance.
Yet every day passes without a plan, without news, without communication. People have tried for six months to get an exemption and have heard nothing back. 
Citizens stranded abroad are trapped in an unseen, financial and mental purgatory.

This petition is to show the nationals stranded abroad that we see you and we hear your plight. We are standing together to get the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to put a plan in place to get our nationals home.