Construct Dams to stop the Flooding in Trinidad

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Perennial floods have ravaged too many homes across our country. Countless families have lost everything. They have to start over every time there is a flood.

Global warming and climate change are causing rising sea levels and increasingly adverse weather. Clearing rivers and raising river banks are not enough to prevent the flooding.

Let's ask the government to construct a few massive dams across the country. These dams can assist us with addressing two issues. Firstly they can act as catchments for excess water and prevent flooding. Secondly they can be used as reservoirs to supply water.

I can only suggest that the damms be built a few miles wide and very deep with flood gates that can be opened to pull the water in and let out when the rivers subside. It can be run at 50% capacity to allow the other 50% for the water from swollen rivers. 

I would leave the technical aspects for the engineers. However I strongly believe that dams like these in areas such as Barrackpore, Penal and Caparo etc. Can help fix this problem because if we do not, the floods are here to stay.