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US should stop supporting Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army has never allowed civilian rule and democracy to flourish in Pakistan. The Army generals have always been supported by USA. Pakistan's people and politicians believe that this policy of the US Government has severely undermined democracy and helped Army to violate human rights in Pakistan. Pakistan Army is responsible for illegal abduction, torture and killing of thousands of civilians during the recent years, specially in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Recently, there was a standoff between USA and Pakistan Army, which forced the latter to take a defensive position. The Pakistani Supreme Court, for the first time in history, is hearing petitions from families of missing persons. Under these circumstances, Pakistan Army seems to have reached a patch up with US Government; the drone attacks killing innocent citizens in tribal areas of Pakistan have restarted and NATO supply route is soon to be restored. Once strengthened, the Army generals will again strike the democracy and resume their support to various terrorist organizations. Sign this petition to help stop the atrocities and the enormous loss of human life. Do whatever you can to force the US Government to stop backing Pakistan Army and take some real steps to strengthen democracy in Pakistan.

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