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Extend Shahzaib Bajwa's visa and ensure that he receives appropriate treatment for his condition.

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Shahzaib Bajwa is a student at LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) who went to attend University of Wisconsin-Superior for a semester as an Exchange student. He had a serious accident on the 13th of November 13 that has left him in a coma until today. 

Shahzaib is a good friend to many people and a great human being. He has many of the qualities one would desire in a friend or family member, including extreme intelligence. Shahzaib had the quality of lightening up the atmosphere with his smile but today he has become the person who brings tears to one’s eyes when his thought hovers above the head.  A helpful, humble, friendly, hardworking and ambitious are words that have always defined his personality, but now he has earned another attribute: that of being a fighter. Being here in Pakistan, none of us can do anything but pray for his recovery, but all of us saw a ray of hope at end of the tunnel because we knew that Shahzaib was fighting for his life.

Tuning in to news channels was  a sudden jolt to our hopes of Shahzaib’s recovery. It was all over the news that the hospital he was getting treated in was kicking him out. Astonished by it, we could feel tears coming out from our eyes. It was painful to witness how a person’s life was worthless in front of a state’s law. We (Shahzaib’s family and friends) completely respect and thank  the government of USA for co operating so far. They ensured that Shahzaib was treated in the best possible way and spent about $350,000 for him until now. Despite all they have done, they are now letting go of all the efforts that they, the paramedics, doctors, and other hospital staff have put in to keep him alive by threatening his deportation back to Pakistan, where the level of medical care severely damages Shahzaib's chance of surviving.

Sending him back to Pakistan will carry a great risk to his life that his family simply cannot afford to take. However, the involvement of Embassy of Pakistan in USA has rekindled the hope in us that Shahzaib will continue to get treated in USA.

It is a humble appeal from a group of students from Pakistan to the Government of the USA to extend his visa until he is back on his feet or at least stable enough to travel back to Pakistan without any risk to his life. 

I will conclude by reiterating on a fact that, the laws are made for the protection of humans of different groups, communities and countries and all of us are required to abide by the laws of the state. But no law should ever be more valuable than a life of an ailing person, no matter what papers they hold.

We all hope for Shahzaib to come back to Pakistan eventually, complete his degree, become a brilliant anthropologist and make his dreams a reality.  A person, who has earning things through his hard work, shone in academics and extracurricular activities equally and had made his way through all kinds of ordeals to make it to where he is today does not deserve to lose this fight against death. Not having legal permission for his stay in the USA should not be the reason for his defeat.

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