Legalise Medical Grade Cannabis Oil

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We have recently heard of the story of BillyCaldwell, aged 12, who was initially denied the life-saving cannabis oil he had come to depend on when his Mother, Charlotte Caldwell, had to relinquish the oil she was importing at Heathrow airport, even though it had been  initially prescribed for him by a Medical Consultant in The USA. Billy started the treatment in 2016 and had been seizure-free for over 300 days. Nothing else had worked for him.

it is extremely dangerous to suddenly withdraw anti-seizure medication, but this is what happened and, yesterday, Billy was admitted, as an emergency, to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, because he was having back to back seizures. 

In this country, Medical heroin, as morphine, is prescribed with no problem, because it has been legalised. This petition is to call on the British Government & the devolved Assemblies of Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland to legalise Medical grade Cannabis Oil for use when approved by Doctors.

Surely,  it would be inhumane to allow a situation like Billy’s to arise again? Would you please sign the petition?