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My name is Marcel Wright and for 4 years my beloved fiancee Hanan Howail has been held illegally in Saudi Arabia against her will. Hanan Howail is a 29 year old Tanzanian citizen being kept from returning to her country by her abusive father and family in Saudi Arabia. Her father, Saeed Salem Howail, has used the gaurdianship system in Saudi Arabia to illegally hold Hanan Howail prisoner inside his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her father and brother have physically beaten and totured Hanan Howail for trying to seek the help of the Tanzanian government. Her and I have personally contacted officials at the Tanzanian embassy in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International co-operation- Tanzania to little avail. This is partly due to individuals within the Tanzania government who refuse to take her case seriously. Some government officials seem to consider the enslavement and physical abuse of Hanan Howail as a domestic issue between a father and daughter and not see it for what it truly is; a Human Rights abuse case. Hanan Howail has suffered extreme physical, verbal, and psychological abuse from her father and family for nearly three years. Her physical abuse includes being punched, kicked, strangled, slapped, being struck with blunt objects, and having her head slammed onto the floor. She has been beaten unconscious, suffered brain damage, and currently suffers from blurred vision in her left eye. It is obvious to anyone with a caring heart to see that this case is a young woman suffering human rights abuse at the hand of her family.

This is a grave and serious matter and I have been doing everything in my power to save her life. I have contacted the Saudi Police in Riyadh, U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia, FBI, U.S. Congress, United Nation High Commission of Refugees, The Tanzanian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations - Tanzania, The office of The President of Tanzania, International Lawyers, International private investigators, CNN, and numerous Human Rights NGO’s. I also have spent the better part of this year putting Hanan’s story on the internet and sharing it with friends in the hopes of building a coalition to back Hanan’s cause.

I am now starting this petition with the hopes of gaining public awareness to the Human Rights violation of my dear Hanan Howail. With the public being aware of her story and signing this petition we can call for the Tanzania government to act on Hanan Howail's behalf. There is more that can be done to save the life of this most precious and innocent person. Please stand with me and sign and promote this petition to Help Release Hanan Howail from abuse and boundage!

Letter to
President of the United Republic of Tanzania Office of the President H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
Tanzania Ambassador to the United States H.E. Mrs. Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar
The United Republic of Tanzania Vice-President's Office H.E Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal
and 6 others
Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Celina Ompeshi Kombani
The United Republic of Tanzania Vice-President's Office Hon. Charles Muhangwa "Mawematatu" Kitwanga
President of Human Rights Commission Dr. Bandar muhammad 'Abdullah al-‘Iiban
Help Release Hanan Howail from abuse and boundage!

My name is Marcel Wright and I am a 29 years old United States of America citizen. I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my fiancée Ms. Hanan Saeed Howail, a 29 year old Tanzanian citizen being held against her will in Saudi Arabia. Upon Ms. Howail’s request, I am formally submitting this petition on to your Excellency’s office. Hanan Howail's tragic story is on, YouTube, and many different blogs all over the internet. Thousands of people have seen or read about her story but I have had unfortunate privilege of being told of these horrible events from Hanan Howail herself. It is at her request that I tell her story and ask that you support her release from her father's home and from Saudi Arabia.

For four years Ms. Howail has been held in Saudi Arabia against her will by her father Mr. Saeed Salem Howail. Ms. Howail has been physical beaten, sexually harassed, threatened, and tortured by her father and other members of her family at her home in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Howail’s abuse includes but is not limited to: being punched, kicked, strangled, slapped, and verbally assaulted. One of the most disturbing abuses she has suffered from was being filmed showering and using the bathroom by hidden cameras installed in the house by members of her family. All these terrible acts by her father and family are an attempt to humiliate, subjugate, and completely dominate every aspect of Ms. Howail’s life. At Ms. Howail’s request, I am formally requesting a full investigation into this matter and requesting her safe release from Saudi Arabia and liberation back to Tanzania. I am running out of options and it is my fear that Ms. Howail will be killed if assistance is not given to her soon.

This petition comes to your office only after several exhausting attempts to resolve Ms. Howail’s safe release with her parents, lawyers, the Tanzania Embassy in Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. On August 8, 2012 I sent a formal letter to the President of The Republic of Tanzania, his High Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete explaining Hanan Howail's story to him and provided photographs of her injuries. I have yet to hear back from the president nor anyone from the Tanzania government. On December 20, 2010 I personally flew to Tanzania and submitted petitions written by myself and Ms. Howail requesting an investigation into her case and her extradition from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania. Regrettably, I was informed by the Second Secretary (Gulf States) Maulidah B. Hassan, after accepting my petitions and then speaking to her superiors, that this matter is a domestic issue and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will not pursue and investigation further. Ms. Howail had also made a whole-hearted attempt to receive help and protection from your government by escaping her home on April 21st, 2012 and fleeing to the Tanzanian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, instead of her receiving help from the officials at the embassy, she was ridiculed, sexual harassed, and released back to her mother and brother by First Secretary Mr. Masoud Eddidi. First Secretary Mr. Eddidi has done several disgraceful things besides just his actions at the embassy on April 21st, 2012.

Two years prior, back in April 2010, I contacted First Secretary Mr. Jeswald Simon Majuva in person at the Tanzanian Embassy in Zambia. I stated to First Secretary Mr. Mujava of the situation regarding Ms. Howail and I asked him for his advice and assistance. First Secretary Mr. Mujava expressed great concern about the matter and stated to me that there wasn’t anything he could do since he operated in Zambia and not Saudi Arabia. He then gave me the contact number and email address of First Secretary Mr. Eddidi at the Tanzanian Embassy in Saudi Arabia. First Secretary Mr. Mujava advised me to have Ms. Howail contact First Secretary Mr. Eddidi in Saudi Arabia and he could better assist Ms. Howail in the matter. First Secretary Mr. Mujava also advised me to fly to Tanzania and contact an official in person at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Tanzania on Ms. Howail’s behalf which I later did on December 20, 2010. I then provided Ms. Howail with the First Secretary Mr. Eddidi’s contact information at the Tanzania Embassy in Saudi Arabia and she contacted him via email and mobile phone. Ms. Howail informed me that First Secretary Mr. Eddidi had told her that he was busy and to call him back a little later. I was later informed by Ms. Howail that when she made further attempts to call and email him, First Secretary Mr. Eddidi did not respond. Shortly after this email conversation with Ms. Howail, communication between Ms. Howail and I ceased. About 2 weeks later I got a message from Ms. Howail that her father, Mr. Howail, had been informed of her attempting to contact the Tanzanian Embassy and her family put a block on the telephone, internet, and changed all the locks on the doors so she could not leave the house. Ms. Howail informed me that she was told by her bother Mr. Salem Saeed Howail that First Secretary Mr. Eddidi contacted her father regarding Ms. Howail’s statement. Shortly after receiving the message from Ms. Howail I contacted Ms. Howail’s brother, Mr. Salem Howail, via phone who informed me that Ms. Howail’s family were aware of everything Ms. Howail was doing and asked me to call First Secretary Mr. Eddidi because he was the one who told Mr. Saeed Howail of Ms. Howail plans to seek help and escape. It is my impression that First Secretary Mr. Masoud Eddidi personal relationship with Ms. Howail’s father grossly impairs his ability to perform his duties as First Secretary and it impedes the ability for my fiancée to receive a proper investigation. The inappropriate actions of Mr. Eddidi not only harmed Ms. Howail further, it placed my fiancée in added danger of retaliation by her father and family.

Despite all this, I send this formal petition to your office now with faith in your Excellency’s leadership and government. The signatures included in this petition are of the thousands of people he either know Hanan Howail personally, or they have become aware of her tragic story and want CHANGE. Your needed support is the last step in bringing about the change she so desperately needs; to be released her from the abuse and bondage she suffers in. Let me end with this, I declare everything written in this petition to be completely honest and accurate to the best of my abilities. I also declare if summoned by your Excellency, to fly to Tanzania and submit my fiancée case before your office or courts in person. I will if requested by your office or government affiliates, provide any additional evidence to back up all my allegations in this statement. I have videos, photographs, emails, and other media that supports all claims in both Ms. Howail and my letters. So again, I am very respectfully requesting a full investigation by your office into the violent abuse of my fiancée Ms. Hanan Howail and plead for her immediate release from Saudi Arabia and her return to The Republic of Tanzania. Any and all assistance into this matter is most appreciated.


Mr. Marcel A. Wright

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