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The government of the Republic of Tanzania: Help Release Hanan Howail from abuse and boundage!

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My name is Marcel Wright and for 4 years my beloved fiancee Hanan Howail has been held illegally in Saudi Arabia against her will. Hanan Howail is a 29 year old Tanzanian citizen being kept from returning to her country by her abusive father and family in Saudi Arabia. Her father, Saeed Salem Howail, has used the gaurdianship system in Saudi Arabia to illegally hold Hanan Howail prisoner inside his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her father and brother have physically beaten and totured Hanan Howail for trying to seek the help of the Tanzanian government. Her and I have personally contacted officials at the Tanzanian embassy in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International co-operation- Tanzania to little avail. This is partly due to individuals within the Tanzania government who refuse to take her case seriously. Some government officials seem to consider the enslavement and physical abuse of Hanan Howail as a domestic issue between a father and daughter and not see it for what it truly is; a Human Rights abuse case. Hanan Howail has suffered extreme physical, verbal, and psychological abuse from her father and family for nearly three years. Her physical abuse includes being punched, kicked, strangled, slapped, being struck with blunt objects, and having her head slammed onto the floor. She has been beaten unconscious, suffered brain damage, and currently suffers from blurred vision in her left eye. It is obvious to anyone with a caring heart to see that this case is a young woman suffering human rights abuse at the hand of her family.

This is a grave and serious matter and I have been doing everything in my power to save her life. I have contacted the Saudi Police in Riyadh, U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia, FBI, U.S. Congress, United Nation High Commission of Refugees, The Tanzanian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations - Tanzania, The office of The President of Tanzania, International Lawyers, International private investigators, CNN, and numerous Human Rights NGO’s. I also have spent the better part of this year putting Hanan’s story on the internet and sharing it with friends in the hopes of building a coalition to back Hanan’s cause.

I am now starting this petition with the hopes of gaining public awareness to the Human Rights violation of my dear Hanan Howail. With the public being aware of her story and signing this petition we can call for the Tanzania government to act on Hanan Howail's behalf. There is more that can be done to save the life of this most precious and innocent person. Please stand with me and sign and promote this petition to Help Release Hanan Howail from abuse and boundage!

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