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Halt the plan to increase the price of Petrol

The government has decided to increase the suffering of Nigerians once again. This time they have decided to increase the price of Petrol to N145 per litre. They say it is too expensive for them to provide petrol at N65, even when we are one of the biggest producers of oil in the world. Since 1978, the Government has increased the price of Fuel 18 times, they have always lied that it is meant to help the poor masses and build infrastructure. They simply steal the money; they don’t build any infrastructure, they don’t provide any help to the masses. Now they want to do it again, from N65 to N145 a litre. If they succeed, one cup of beans will cost N100, One cup of Rice will cost N120, Pure water will cost N25. The price of everything will go up. Don’t forget we depend on petrol to have light for our houses and businesses; we need petrol to pump water because public water supply does not exist. What does the government do with all the money? Why do they want to increase the suffering of the masses? The People say NO!

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