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The Government of The City of Atlantic City: To allocate funds for the restoration of 3 murals done by Kadir Nelson and Gary Gant

Every resident in Atlantic City should sign this petition to help save these exquisite works of art done by a world renowned artist (Kadir Nelson ), Gary Gant, William Murphy, Tyorne Hose and Joccu Crouch to ensure that these murals will be preserved for the citizens of Atlantic City. There were a total of (10) murals done with (7) of them have been destroyed because of development and negligence.The mural pictured, above, has become is still on the wall. There is not much left in our city that because of Casino development has been destoyed, in the name of Casino progress that the residents can be proud of. We, the residents want these to become a permanent fixtures in our city, for the enjoyment of the residents and thier children.


The Story behind these murals:

There were (3) gifted youth artists who did a magnificent job in one summer painting over (10) murals around the city in our anti graffiti program. It worked as all of the ugly graffiti strewn walls were converted to these great pieces of art. Only three murals are still up at Bungalow Park Playground, Venice Park Playground and the stage at Uptown School Complex. Kadir Nelson, Gary Gant, William Murphy, Tyrone Hose and Joccu Crouch were the youth who blessed our city with thier talents.

Shermaine Gunter-Gary

The Facebook Discussion on these murals:


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  • City Council President William Marsh
    The Government of The City of Atlantic City
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    The Government of The City of Atlantic City
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    The Government of The City of Atlantic City
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    Ali Reynolds
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    Susan Ney Thompson
  • Mayor Lorenzo Langford
    The Government of The City of Atlantic City

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