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The Government's proposed PSA Bill is bad for each and every citizen of The Bahamas

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At a time when many Bahamians feel ignored, the Government is considering legislation that would take away more rights resulting in lasting environmental damage, development without an Environmental Impact Assessment or public consultation. 

Don’t let this happen to our beautiful Bahamas. 

Sign the petition now to keep the important Planning and Subdivision Act (PSA) 2010 in place.  

If the Act is repealed or amended, we all lose.

Here’s why: 

The new Bahamas bill proposes to leave it up to a sitting Minister in many cases to decide if an environmental impact assessment is needed, without the necessary guidance as to how the Minister exercises his discretion.   

The new Bahamas bill would eliminate the right of Bahamians to be consulted or to have a say in projects even if it impacts them directly. 

While other countries are getting tougher on developers who violate laws protecting sensitive and fragile marine or land-based eco-systems, the new Bill replaces potentially stiff penalties with a slap on the wrist for damage or total destruction of some of the country’s most treasured natural resources

The new bill would eliminate existing sensible Land Use Plans resulting in chaos, schools being built next to factories or homes being built on wet lands.

The new bill would make it easier for foreign land pirates to enter our country posing as investors and purchase land on speculation, stealing our land.

• The new bill would open the door for continued random, unregulated development and could lead to more underprivileged people living in harsh and unsanitary conditions.

·      The current Planning and Subdivision Act protect your rights to Crown Land, your natural resources, your right to be consulted and to know what is planned for your very own backyard 

• Blackbeard’s Cay and Nygard Cay are two high profile cases where the Government ignored the interest of the public to cater to the desires of destructive foreign developers who ignore the laws of The Bahamas. The PSA has been used to stop both projects in their tracks. But the Bill seems to have been designed specifically with such unscrupulous developers in mind, and it will clear nearly all obstacles to their continued flouting of the law, with the willing help of our own government. 

Please sign and share this petition. Protect your rights and resources. Help stop this bill before it concentrates the power to monitor and preserve the environment in a sitting Minister’s hand, allows already-rendered court judgments to be ignored and deprives you of the right to be consulted even if a project is proposed for your community. 

Stand up. Speak up. Sign today.

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