Sweden must secure its Borders


Sweden must secure its Borders

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David Gren started this petition to Dan Elisasson (National Police Commissioner) and

In the Migrant crisis which is currently taking place in Europe, A disproportional amount of migrants have made Sweden their final destination.

The migration rate to Sweden is double the amount of any other EU country, in regards to the population, and this inflow of migrants is a crucial threat to the economic stability of Sweden.


The Government of Sweden together with the opposition have realized the severity of this problem, and the consequences which Sweden will face shall this trend continue. In response to this issue the refugee agreement of 2015 was announced, which switches permanent visas to temporary ones for lone adults. However, the issue of border control remains ignored. 


Border control is crucial to all nations. And the lack of it poses a grave national security concern.

It is true that a lot of migrants are genuine refugees. But the lack of border control creates a vacuum for criminals, terrorists and non-refugee migrants to also enter the country. 

Although Several EU countries has tightened its border control, The Prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Lövfen has repeatedly said that he will not introduce border security unless the Police and Swedish Security Police deem it to be necessary. 

We hereby demand that the Prime Minister of Sweden, The Swedish Police and The Swedish Security police, Put the security and economic interests of Sweden above politics and reinstitute the border control of Sweden.

In regards to the refugees that make their way to Sweden. The countries that share a border with Sweden are all Rich, European, Democratic Welfare states, but accepts far less refugees than Sweden. The open border policy only serves to allow neighbouring countries to escape their responsibility and lay the burdens and costs onto the Swedish state. 

Integration of refugees is also a concern since a constantly high flow of refugees will make economic integration of the refugees impossible, resource wise. 

Shall the government of Sweden reintroduce border control, and reduce the number of refugees entering Sweden through people smuggling, it will also be able to pursue a much more moral asylum policy in which Sweden can accept more of the most vulnerable refugees through the UNHCR and finance the middle eastern refugee camps, where most refugees live. 

We believe that pursuing this path is the best option for Sweden, and a necessity to preserve the welfare state and prosperity of Sweden.


This petition made change with 135 supporters!