The Quebec Government Must Slow Down

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The Quebec government’s decision to relax the pandemic restrictions is not supported by science. Each day, our cases go up - we have not yet successfully flattened our curve.

Hundreds of thousands of Quebec workers will go back to factories, construction sites and stores over three weeks in May under an economic relaunch plan the province’s top public health official acknowledged was “a risky bet.” 

COVID-19 is a silent spreader, most can be asymptomatic and pass the illness without knowing. We do not know enough about this virus as it is only a few months old, we cannot risk the consequences of our governments actions.

Most individuals do not know how to properly use PPE, or practice safe social distancing as the Quebec government suggests. 

The reopening of our economy and school system is far too soon - and we will likely see an increase of cases, which will result into our hospitals being overwhelmed.

We must move slowly, and follow the same steps other provinces are taking.

Quebec has no scientific evidence nor backing this move will be safe, they are placing it on chance. Dr. Arruda said the consequences of the relaunch are unpredictable, this is unsettling. 

We must keep our children, our elders, immunocompromised and ourselves safe from this disaster.