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Reverse the ban on Twitter and ensure no future censorship

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On the 20th of May 2012, the Government of Pakistan banned the social networking website, Twitter, on the basis of "blasphemous pictures of the Holy Prophet" appearing on the website posted by some users.
This act of censorship is not only a violation of all civil rights and liberties but goes against the constitution of Pakistan which ensures freedom of speech and freedom of access to information for all.
The Blasphemy law only applies to individuals or organisations that directly insult the Prophet, the Quran or the religion of Islam. Since Twitter itself has not done this "blasphemy" itself and by not complying with the request to REMOVE this content because Twitter believes in freedom of speech and expression of opinion, Twitter has done nothing wrong. If someone wishes to exclaim that the Holocaust was exaggerated or that the Nazis were nice people, Twitter cannot be expected to remove that content, as both actions violate freedom of speech and right of expression as well as right to access information. By asking them to remove the content from their website, Pakistan violates the freedom clauses of its own Constitution and in no way fulfils the Blasphemy law as the "criminal" is not Pakistani, the crime hasn't been committed in its borders and the person IS NOT PUNISHED.

By depriving the people from information access, the Government is violating the Human Rights Charter of the UN as well as its own constitution. Sign the petition, RAISE AWARENESS. Think about it from a sensible point of view rather than as a religious zealot.

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