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A FULL unbiased inquiry into Dana Air crash of Jun '12. Punish ALL culpable

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Petitions are not big in Nigeria, and many will sneer at this one, but before you close the page, ask yourself "Do I want the objective of this petition?"; "what do I lose by joining?"; "what do I stand to gain?"
I hope you join.

People have died in this incident: People who boarded the ill fated flight and people who were merely sitting at home. Too frequently in Nigeria, people lose their lives without the authorities rising to the occasion, to do their duty, and seek justice for the victims and their loved ones.
Very many of us are of the strong opinion that gross misconduct and negligence occurred (from both the airline and the regulators) that led to this great tragedy in in these already trying times.
Most Nigerians have become jaded by decades of ineffectual and uncaring government that often does not do enough (if anything) to care for its citizens: to protect them while alive, or to honestly honor them in death. These days we expect nothing from government in that regard. However, we want to begin to DEMAND for our to government to show up. And we want to start with this terrible incident.

While it is recognized that government has vowed to get to the bottom of this accident and deal with whatever it finds, they need to know that the nation is watching and will keep watching. They need to know that this investigation must be done to OUR satisfaction and not to the satisfaction of some officials in government

The government has to ensure that these souls did not perish in vain

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