Put New Zealand’s Fuel Security First - Not Oil Company Profits

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Put New Zealand’s Fuel Security First - Not Oil Company Profits

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Chris Leitch started this petition to The Government of New Zealand

We call on the government to declare the Marsden Point Oil Refinery a nationally strategic asset and to compulsorily purchase all the shares from the private owners (using money created by the country's central bank) and turn it back into a state owned enterprise which continues to refine crude oil into the fuels needed to keep the New Zealand economy operating.

While we need to transition away from reliance on fossil fuels the decision to shut down the refining operation at Marsden Point has been made by the shareholders purely in the interests of generating larger profits from imported refined product and not in the interests of New Zealand's strategic fuel needs.

This decision means we will still be burning the same amount of fuel, but become even more reliant on imported products from overseas owned conglomerates.

The majority shareholders in the refining company are the oil companies who own refineries across Asia and who want to ensure those refineries run at full capacity to maximise their profits.

In a natural disaster or international conflict, shipping routes to New Zealand could be cut off and the supply of fuel to critical sectors of our economy severely compromised.

We need an insurance policy against that risk. Buying the Refinery is cheap insurance.
New Zealand produces its own oil. That home grown oil, refined here, gives us fuel security to keep essential services going if the refinery is still operating.

Things like -

- Air transport into and out of and around New Zealand including all our air freight exports
- Helicopter rescue services. Fire and Ambulance services
- Coastal shipping, inter-island ferries and shipping to the Pacific Islands
- New Zealand's Army, Navy and Air Force including rescue and disaster relief operations
- All fishing boats and short distance ferries
- The country's trucking fleet that moves goods and food around New Zealand
- Heavy construction machinery and infrastructure and road building equipment
- Agricultural machinery including forestry, farming and horticultural equipment
- Goods and passenger rail operations

If crude oil is not able to be shipped to New Zealand for whatever reason if the refinery was still in operation it could use New Zealand's own oil supplies and at the very least keep all major essential transport, freight, emergency and defence operations going. It will also allow us to blend bio-fuels, fuels from carbon capture, plastic and other options as they come on stream.

Approximately 600 jobs will be lost if the refining operation shuts down. With an economic loss of about 8% to the Northland economy many small businesses will close with further catastrophic job losses.

The Reserve Bank has already created around $60 billion in the last 18 months and the $260 million needed to purchase the refinery shares would be a drop in the bucket.

There are times when the government needs to act to put the interests of New Zealanders ahead of everything else. This is one of them.

Thanks for your support

Chris Leitch, Leader, Social Credit Party - https://www.socialcredit.nz/
To find out more go to https://www.socialcredit.nz/refineryinfo

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This petition had 18,297 supporters