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Free Ould Nass

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On September 18 Mr Ray Cole, and his companion, Ould Nass, were approached at a bus stop by police officers and detained on the grounds of suspected homosexuality. 

Police searched their mobile phones and found a photograph of the two men together, which was used in court as 'proof' of homosexual acts.

Moroccan authorities failed to notify the family or the British Consulate of his arrest.

Thankfully Mr Ray has embrassed freedom and returned  home safe and sound to his family, that was the result of people campaigning and putting international pressure on the governement of Morocco. Unfortunately Mr Ould Nass is still behind the bars, he is still suffering. Ould Nass is subject to prison-rape, torture and probably he is already in a life threatening situation, Moroccan prisons are a living hell. His family  members are not even aware that he is imprisoned, most likely they will denounce him once they know the reason behind his imprisonment. Ould Nass probably has no lawyer, once his comrades at the prison know why he is there they will attempt to rape and torture him. Ould Nass is not the vicitm´s real name this nickname is used in order to protect the victim´s identity, the real name has been diffused to the extremist groups in Morocco and we believe that  he is now in great danger; even in case he embraces freedom his life will still be threatened. 

We urge all  individuals who believe they work for the good, peacekeepers and international activists to help free Ould Nass.  Ould Nass cannot be helped from within Morocco, Ould Nass needs your help from abroad, you can put pressure on the Moroccan government and free Jamal just the way you have put a massive effort to free Mr Ray. PLEASE help Ould Nass


We're calling on the Moroccan government for an immediate realease of Mr Ould Nass


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