Maharashtra plastic ban should be taken back!

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To all the people out there;

Recently Maharashtra government completely banned plastic in the state. But the ban was completely blindfoldly passed. Plastic is not our enemy but is our genuine friend. Plastic helps to protect environment as it reduces or dependance on paper which is resulted in cutting lf trees. Plastic is 100% recyclable if it is disposed properly. The problem is littering and not plastic. 

If proper waste management system is developed, plastic can become eco-friendly. 

By banning plastic, millions of people are likely to loose their job. 4 lakh people are directly dependent on plastic and millions of people more are indirectly related to it. 

Hotel and catering business is totally at halt due to this ban. Similarly the packing business and import export business are in danger. There is no alternative to plastic for packaging. Plastic has a special sealing property which is not possessed by any other material. Commonman is facing problems due to this. From small business to koli fishing community, all are facing severe problems. 

The move by the government is not planned at all and is totally senseless. If the government doesn't take the ban back, it is going to loose millions of votes in next election. Please remember,

" It is the people who forms the government, and if the government can't take care of its citizen, the public will make sure to remove the Government from its throne". 

Please take the plastic ban back!!

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