The name of the City Aurangabad should be renamed as SambhajiNagar

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The present name of the City is Aurangabad,which is situated in the state Maharashtra of India. The name of city should be renamed as SambhajiNagar as the city has witnessed the valour of The great king Sambhaji Raje Bhonsale , and it is the city,which is the great symbol of The valour,indomitable courage and the sacrifices of the great Marathas headed by Sri Chatrapathi Sambhaji Maharaj.

Either remembering the city Aurangabad by the name of cruel ruler Aurangzeb, who demolished the rights of people and  seized  there freedom, he has destroyed many Temples, religious places and pilgrimage sites of religions other than his own religion.This is the valid reason that the city should be remembered by the glory of Marathas than remembering it by the cruelity of the invaders Mughals. The city should be renamed as the name 'SambhajiNagar' as he was the king who forsaken his life,laid down his life for the common people.