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End the Cuts

“I demand that the Government use the money saved by the ‘promissory note deal’ to reverse cuts that affect families, children and the disabled in the October Budget” Cuts to vital welfare payments and services are hurting the vulnerable and robbing our children of their future.

Full Respite Care Grant must be restored

Child Benefit – this essential payment has been cut each year resulting in families sinking deeper into poverty. This should be restored to the level in 2008

Education including Special Needs Education and back to school grants must be properly funded.

Vital Home Help hours must be restored.

Single parent families have been cut year on year and are at increasing risk of poverty – living income must be restored

Taxes on the family home and water must end to be replaced by a tax on wealth and high earners

Promissory Note Deal

In February the European Union stated that the Irish Government had to pay it €1 billion less each year than had been previously agreed for bailing out the corrupt Anglo Irish Bank. This so-called ‘promissory note deal’ means that many cuts can be reversed in the October Budget.

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