Allow the safe reopening of Wet Pubs

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Pubs in Ireland are being left to rot with thousands of livelihoods at stake 

The people of Ireland are now the only ones in Europe without access to bars and pubs freely. 

This is a disgraceful and unjustified position that we should no longer accept. Publicans should stand up and demand to be heard or risk their business crumbling to dust.

I am starting this petition in the hope it will capture the immense anger the public are feeling right now and the fact that their government are now clearly being dictated to by an institution which has no reason to consider economic implications as it is set up to protect public health and not JOBS! This is purely the responsibility of the Irish government who must now begin to consider the economic implications repeated restrictions are having.

I am in no way attempting to undermine the loss experienced by many during this pandemic but no loss is greater than that of a free and fair society in which everyone has their chance 

Publicans currently have no chance much like workers in travel and tourism.