We are Against CAA and NRC

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The current CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) is discriminatory and is the violation of the main frame of the Constitution of India. As a citizen we must not let this happen in our nation. Also it will cause sever economic problems in India. The current expense of exercising NRC in Assam estimated to be ₹15-16 hundred crore. Assam is merely 2% area of the total india's land mass. Now you think how many lakhs of crores of rupees will be spend in exercising NRC in whole country? The government of India aim to exercise NRC( National Registered citizen) by 2024 in whole India. And this NRC and CAA combined is against the basic idea of India. These are the money of taxpayers not of the political party funds. Be a responsible citizen of this nation and show the strength and unity. This is high time for us to unite in the name of this nation. Jay Bharat!