demanding execution of the rapists in public

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In recent years,the number of rape cases have elevated.All this is CLEARLY happening because there is no fear in the mind of the rapists since they are well aware of the fact that no considerable action will be taken.They are not even hesitant about committing such a crime.In order to create fear in the minds of these is essential that these rapists should be sentencedto torturous death penalties as in other countries like Iran.These candle marches and protests are doing no good to the beautiful souls which have been harmed and broken so ruthlessly. Section 376 must be amended to add capital punishment for gang rape and marital rape must be defined and it's punishment must be added to the Constitution .Being a girl..I do fear walking on the streets late at night.Why should that happen?The mentality of the people towards women needs to is not our clothes or the way we carry ourselves which leads to RAPE.Nothing gives these criminals the right to even look at women with wrong intentions.Such historic and strict actions are being taken by the GOI regarding other issues...when will they open their eyes to this one?It is very clear that until and unless these rapists are humiliated and executed publicly nothing can change the unfortunate and terrible state of the country.We need justice for Dr. Priyanka Reddy for and all the girls who have been victims of rape.Im filing this petition with the hope that strict action will be taken by the government in the near future so that the women in this country can feel safe.