Remove Reservation but CHANGE the surname of every Indian family to remove caste system

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Caste System is a shame to the humanity and it should be eradicated. Reservation was seen as a way to eradicate caste discrimination but people are protesting against reservation instead of protesting against the caste system. So the only way to remove caste system is to change every Indian Hindu family's surname. The new surname should be chosen randomly by a computer system and there should be a strong punishment for disclosing the former caste of oneself or of others.People should also be not allowed to disclose their caste for finding bride or groom. All communities that are formed in the name of caste should be dissolved or closed.Any grouping on the basis of caste should be made illegal. Every couple should be asked to register their marriage in court where they will be asked to provide details about how they met each other. If they met each other through their former caste connections then that marriage should be annulled. And the reservation system should be abolished.