Petition to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage in India

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To be living a life where I know I cannot be my true self breaks me! 

I am 18-years-old and have been closeted for a long time. I recently came out as a bisexual to my family members, and they were not accepting at all. I am now a closeted lesbian, and live in the constant fear of what they would say if I wanted to talk to them about this.

Even though homosexuality in India has been decriminalised, same-sex marriage is not only illegal, but is on the verge of getting criminalized. No one deserves to be put behind bars just for the sake of love. Sign my petition!

The Delhi High Court was told by the Centre that "our values don't recognize same-sex marriage". It's 2020 and we need to make change and we need to make it happen NOW. 

My request is to The Government and The Supreme Court to look into this and consider the fact that at the end of the day, we just want to be able to love and live a normal life. Sign my petition asking the Supreme Court to legalise same-sex marriages in India. 

Love is love, and there should be no discrimination!