No more funeral rights to Terrorists!

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No more disrespect to our sacrificed soldiers and fellow citizens

It has been over the centuries that we have witnessed a mass slaughtering of our civilians and soldiers by terrorists or foreign attackers or militants or by the acts of our traitors. Our Mother India has been bleeding since long and we are just watching this intolerable cruelty helplessly. This has dented our confidence and left the scarred memories.

We know that our Indian Army is capable of responding to any threat that comes in our way of national security. We always salute their sacrifices. We also understand what it takes when the family of a soldier loses the son of this soil.

We must respond to these cowards with a befitting reply. Yes, I am confident that our Jawans will chase them down and tear them apart. But we need something more than that. We need to give them a total humiliation when such terrorists/enemies are neutralized.

The Government of India returns the dead bodies of terrorists to their families. Or in the absence of the identification of terrorists, they are either buried or cremated. Why such honor to the mass murderers of these heinous terrorist attacks?

I appeal to the Government of India not to return or bury these terrorists. They do not deserve the funeral or the funeral procession. Instead, their bodies must be thrown in the jungle for animals and vultures for devouring. They deserve to be a meal for our hungry animals and vultures only! Let their bodies be devoured so no one else gets wrongly inspired.

I have faith in our Government and urge all Indians to sign this petition to have this legislation enacted. This petition is an embodiment of a gesture of solidarity with our Respectable Army Personnel.

Jai Hind