Institute an inquiry into the mass exodus and atrocities inflicted on Kashmiri Hindus.

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The mass exodus of Kashmiri Hindus known generally as "Kashmiri Pandits" from their ancestral homes and hearth in Srinagar, Kashmir, the erstwhile J&K State, because of the violence, terror, murders and rapes of their women unleashed on them is the most barbaric, heinous, and even then most neglected event in the History of independent India. Given that for past one millennia, Hindus in India since almost 1018 AD when Islamic invaders started their crusade against the Bharatvarsha and its inhabitants who were mostly Hindus, Buddhists and Jains; and were subjected to unprecedented atrocities unthinkable by humans against humans. Kashmiri Hindus were also subjected to similar treatment though from about 1358 AD, before which it was a Buddhist, Hindu state. As per the recorded history of Kashmiri Pandits we have had to leave Kashmir six times during the past seven hundred years, but that was different since it was under the various Muslim rulers and their autocratic regimes. The seventh exodus in 1990 has happened in an Independent, democratic, supposedly secular country which is governed by the state government and the central government under the oath of upholding the Constitution of state and India respectively, both of which guarantees personal freedom and equality before the law.

What happened during the night of 18th and 19th January 1990 was unprecedented in the sense that we the Kashmiri Pandits were hounded out of our homes with only three choices, of accepting conversion to Islam, of being killed or of leaving Kashmir immediately and precipitately. Most of us were driven by fear of rape of our women, murder of our fellow Pandits and molesting of our children and girls. This happened as if it was back to the dark old days of 11th to 19th centuries not in twentieth century independent India. Even after about 60 thousand families were driven out of the valley in a space of 24 hours and they had to arrange transport at any cost, escaping without any belongings or safety and then scatter all over the country and to take shelter in most inhospitable makeshift camps with zero amenities and no conveniences in their own country. 

This all did not invoke any nation wide protest, this exodus-one of the worst in any place in the world due to terrorism at that time, against the most peaceful, law abiding and nationalist citizens, the most fragile minority that was braving the utmost humiliation and genocide because it was branded as being loyal to India in a place that was becoming the ugly and most violent face of Islam. The most bizarre part is that no organization, no government agency, no legal and judicial system and no civil liberty activists were ready to take up our cry of suffering. It was as if we were being left to die, wither and forgotten because we were a Hindu minority which had been displaced by Muslim majority in an Nation that was a Hindu majority nation. Strange and unacceptable questions were raised about our plight, like why we fled, why we did not fight or why we were targeted and hunted out. Our story did not get the kind of massive response that even a single murder or rape or lynching evokes in any sensitive and sensible society, why?

No inquiry commission was instituted to find facts and hold those responsible who allowed the situation to turn so ugly and no attempt was made to unearth the reasons behind this ethnic cleansing in a secular India with impunity and so brazenly, why?

Did it not warrant at least a fact finding mission by the Human Rights Commission, why?

Did it not pinch the Judiciary that such gross violation of constitutional responsibility has been committed and such traumatic experience has been meted out to about 4 Lac Kashmiri Pandits, why?

That is why we demand that an inquiry commission be set up to find facts, to unearth the conspiracy of abdication of governance and bring those guilty of connivance in this genocide, in the omission of timely action and permitting commission of such crimes against a small minority, be brought to book and punished as per the Criminal laws of India.