Caste System, Reservation, really need of times?

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Hello everyone,

               Another attempt towards the education system, authorities and many other people who have already been questioned and expected an answer or the required action towards this issue prevailing from a decade almost. But, this time not from any open category student, who wants an answer that why did he/she is different from the reserved category students. This time this question from a RESERVED CATEGORY student.

Yes guys you heard it right. I am reserved category student. and there are many more like me in this state, country etc. But do we really need it? India being the country of people of diverse caste, creed, race, etc,

 The central-government funded higher education institutions, 22.5% of available seats are reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) students (7.5% for STs, 15% for SCs) This reservation percentage has been raised to 49.5%[25] by including an additional 27% reservation for OBCs. This ratio is followed even in Parliament and all elections where a few constituencies are earmarked for those from certain communities (which will next rotate in 2026 per the Delimitation Commission).
The exact percentages vary from state to state:
In Haryana, the reservation is 18% for SCs and 1% for OBCs and 0% for STs, based on local demographics.
In Tamil Nadu, the reservation is 18% for SCs and 1% for STs, based on local demographics.
In Northeast India, especially in Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram, reservation for ST in State Govt. jobs is 80% with only 20% unreserved. In the Central Universities of NEHU(shillong) and Rajiv Gandhi University, 60% of seats are reserved for ST students.
In Andhra Pradesh, 25% of educational institutes and government jobs are reserved for OBCs, 15% for SCs, 6% for STs and 4% for Muslims.
In West Bengal, 35% of educational institute seats and government jobs are reserved for SC, ST, and OBC (22% SC, 6% ST, 7% for[27] OBC A & B]). In West Bengal there is no reservation on religious basis but some economically and educationally backward Muslim castes (basis surnames pertaining to different profession e.g. cobbler, weaver etc.) have been included along with their Hindu counterparts in OBC list namely OBC A and OBC B, in both lists caste from both communities are there. But in higher educational institutes, till now there is no reservation for the OBC community but there is reservation in regard to admission in primary, secondary and higher secondary studies.

As you all can see, majority of the seats are reserved, But what about the rest of the students who have a larger percentage in population as compared to these students. According to the Instituition of India, Laws are made for the reserved category citizens, But as times are changing the  Government should also broaden their view and have an actual look in the nation what is exactly the state of the students.

For now, the Open category students do not have an equal chance to compete in the top leading courses. Some who are exceptions, who do not even waste a mark or ranks are obviously on top of the list. But what about other students? Many of my friends who had done well in their exams are now doing something else, something which they did not wish to, something which was not in their parent's dream.But the students who are really just took the advantage of their caste and took admission in India's best colleges, just can't handle the pressure or the preparation required for the exams. Because, caste can help you in getting admission, But it won't help you in achieving your goals. It's your passion for the thing you want to do which will help you to have more like satisfied life.

The Solution? I am not saying that Caste/Reservation system should be ruled out. But the percentages with which the students are left out nowhere, they should be checked on and mended according to the demographic state of each area. With this students like me, do not have to give credit to our caste for the college we are in, for the courses/ degrees we are pursuing and the open category students can get equal chance like every other student who has only and only the problems in the books to worry about and not any other,

This Petition is to make every student, every citizen, to take step forward for the betterment of the young India. Let's all sign this petition and come together irrespective of whether which ever caste/creed you are but let us all have equal chance to what wished and wish to achieve.