Against the criminals of Asifa

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Delhi, the Capital of India, or also called the Rape Capital of India. Many disturbing events have been heard from Delhi relating to sexual harassment and abuse. But none of them compare to the recent and most disturbing event that has happened in Kashmir. There has been a report of a girl missing from her home, a girl who is just of age eight. When further investigated, the reports are just shocking.

A little girl of age eight was reported missing from her home in Kashmir. When the parents of the girl went to the police, the police replied, “That the girl must have eloped with some man.” The police believed that the 8 year old Asifa must have eloped with a man. The first stupid thing I've heard in this case.

Later, the little girl was found dead with her neck strangled with her chunni. Reports say she was raped brutally for three days and was drugged. The terror she must have faced can not be imagined by any human. She was given three tablets on her empty stomach and then raped. The accused men involve police officers and teenagers.

A 19 year old boy fooled the innocent girl into coming to a temple and sedated and raped her in that temple. Other men involved and helped him. The teenager confessed to his crimes and the uncle of the teenager was accused of planning the crime. The uncle wanted to remove her nomad tribe from the place and planned the whole rape in order to do that.

A man who wanted to rape the girl one last time before she was murdered was a Special Police Officer. Another Special Officer was also accused as his presence on the crime scene has been proven.

A friend of the teen, was also accused based on the confessions of the 19 year old. The son of the planner of the whole crime scene, travelled all the way from Meerut after a call from the 19 year old who said he could “satisfy his lust.”

Two more police officers were accused on the grounds of attempting to cover the crime.

Rage blew out when the men were being supported by a huge number of people. Reports state that the men were supported by lawyers and BJP officials. Some reports also accuse our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, for trying to support the men.
India has become a crowd of gullible people who believe what is told to them. Please don't ignore the rational thinking you have inside of you. Know the whole story and try to imagine the terror faced by her. If you're a human who supports the men, you're no worse than terrorists.