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A law to stop men turning into Demi-Gods

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If we look back at the last decade, there have been multiple instances of such Godmen turning out to be fraudulent. Whether it was Swami Nityanand, Aasharam, Raampal, the so called Swami Om or the most recent case of Raam Rahim, they have only misled the ignorant people and promoted superstitions. People think of them as prophets and even Gods in some cases, they mind wash their followers to be aggressive about their clans and to defend its dignity. 

All this is not just misleading the common man but such incidences are also hurting the religion's image and followers, in a race to make their clans bigger and powerful they can stoop to any level. 

I know practicing and propagating one's religion is a fundamental right, but nowhere does that allow anyone to make their own clan to turn themselves into demi-Gods and insult the religion itself by such heinous acts like rape and murder. 

To stop any such incidents in the future and ashaming any religion, I would like to urge the government to bring in a law which could stop people from turning into living Gods. Please raise a voice for the innocent people who keep following such self proclaimed Babas and lose their lives to support these criminals. 

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