Whats rightfully mine

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Dear Gibraltar

An illegal auction is to take place at the Macintosh hall. The authorities responsible are auctioning off painting, which belonged to my grandparents. The paintings were found in the Marrache & co offices but in reality belong to all the seven children of Samuel and Reina Marrache. This includes Abraham Marrache, Joshua Marrache Rebecca Marrache and Raphael Marrache, not just Isaac, Solomon and Benjamin Marrache.

Why should Abraham, Joshua, Rebecca and Raphael pay the price for their brother’s crimes? Why should they pay the price for the illegal actions of the authorities? Where is the Gibraltarian justice system? These paintings come from my grandparents home, simply because they were hanging in the M&co offices does not make them exclusively owned by Isaac, Solomon and Benjamin.

Marrache and co has documented any valuables purchased by the firm with receipts. These painting do not have receipts because my grandparents purchased them. Therefore, it is illegal to sell them, as the majority shareholders are not receiving their percentage from the sale in addition to not agreeing to the sale. What is happening with the remaining four shares?

The Marrache & Co office was my great-grandfather Abraham Marrache’s home. That property too belongs to all seven children of Samuel and Reina Marrache not just Isaac, Solomon and Benjamin. The authorities have rented out those properties without the consent of Abraham, Joshua, Rebecca and Raphael. Have they received their share of the rent? NO!

The authorities have been ignoring are claims for years. It is about time that this scheme comes to an end.

We are not criminals, we are not guilty, and we deserve justice too.

There is a big crime being committed here and I urge you to investigate this immediately.