Immediate Reinstatement of USP Vice Chancellor and President’s Work Permit + Apology

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04 February 2021

To: The Government of Fiji, C/- Office of the Prime Minister

Re: Petition by USP Staff, Students and Alumni

Subject: Immediate Reinstatement of USP Vice Chancellor and President’s      Work Permit and Apology

We, Staff, Students and Alumni of the premier regional tertiary institution, mindful of the contribution of scores of staff and thousands of graduates of USP towards building its reputation in Oceania and beyond are;

1.    deeply concerned at the disrepute brought to the University by the actions of the Fijian Government in the deportation of the USP VCP Professor Pal Ahluwalia and his wife Sandy Price;

2.    noting the considerable negative publicity regarding the University and the attempt to bring  discord to Laucala and other campuses of the University;

3.    perturbed at the police presence on the Laucala Campus;

4.    disturbed at the failure of PC Thompson and ARC Chair to comply with the USP Council decisions for the good of the University.

We call on the Government of Fiji to:

Immediately reinstate Professor Ahluwalia’s work permit as VCP of USP and to issue a formal apology.

We are: