Help against overpopulation!

Help against overpopulation!

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The government of countries with overpopulation issues

Why this petition matters

Started by Toms Vanags

About 61 % of the global population lives in Asia, the world's most populous continent. China alone is home to 1.44 billion people and India to 1.39 billion, accounting for 19 % and 18 % of the world's population respectively. It is not healthy for the country or the people, or the global economy for three countries to be accountable for 37% of the world's total population.

There are three main reasons for overpopulation:

1. Falling mortality rate, mainly due to medicine

2. Progress in food production

3. Migration and urban concentration

None of these three points are bad on their own but when you put them all together and concentrate them in a few countries - then it becomes a problem. For everyone who is reading this petition and is living in a non-overpopulated country, to you, it may not seem like a big problem but imagine living in a country where the population density is 150.44 people per square kilometer. In my opinion, that number is absurd.

The solution - China was already on the road to solving this problem. They implemented a "one child per family" rule. This greatly helped the countries situation but in 2015 they changed it to "two children per family" and in 2021 they changed it to "three children per family", and in July of 2021, they discontinued this law and removed all limits and penalties. 

In my opinion, these laws should be brought back and implemented in a few other countries as well, for example, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Your signature could help better the lives of future generations in these countries, so, please, let's help solve this problem together!



41 have signed. Let’s get to 50!