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Help HANS send a message to the Government of Canada, House of Commons, and Health Canada, that you, an educated Canadian consumer, do not want the federal government restricting or compromising your access to the Natural Health Products (NHPs) of your choice!

If it ain't broken - don't fix it!  Current NHP regulations, implemented only 15 years ago, are not only adequate; they are globally respected and provide a perfect balance of consumer safety and consumer choice. Proposed regulations (The Self-Care Framework) are random, unnecessary, and not based on a legitimate concern or serious incident(s). In fact, there has never been a single NHP death in Canada of a consumer who used the product as directed.

Additionally, Health Canada is moving through this process with a lack of transparency and few details, resulting in speculation and distrust.

Under the proposed Self-Care Framework:

  • NHPs may be subject to chemical drug standards of evidence and may have to undergo clinical trial processes.
  • Evidence-based claims that NHPs can positively impact chronic and serious disease will not be allowed.
  • Practitioners may not be allowed to prepare (compound) individualized natural remedies.
  • Proposed NHP regulations will stifle product innovation due to claims restrictions and compliancy costs.
  • Proposed NHP regulations will subject NHP companies to licencing fees, administrative "cost recovery" measures, potential  monetary penalties, and licencing fees.
  • Proposed NHP regulations may disregard traditional and current claims of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal remedies, and homeopathy, a move that would disrespect the healthcare traditions of a multicultural Canada, particularly Chinese, indigenous, and South-Asian Canadians.
  • All of the above will adversely impact manufacturers, retailers, and ultimately, consumers.

For more information, visit Health Action Network Society's HANDS OFF MY NHPs! campaign.