Canadian Gov't Please Airlift Refugees.

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It should be very apparent that there are hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing persecution, war, and famine-especially from Syria and Iraq but also other regions such as Sudan, Eritrea. and Libya-who are now currently stranded in southeastern Europe and continually pouring in across the Mediterranean where they are dealing with drowning due to overcrowded boats being operated by crooked human traffickers. 

When the survivors reach Europe, it isn't any easier; the reactionary government of Hungary has built a razor wire fence along it's border with Serbia. Other countries such as Greece and Croatia struggle due to their own logistical and economic issues. The EU, especially Germany, is trying to remedy the situation. Despite these efforts, countless refugees remain trapped in the Balkans, with little chance of relief and re-settlement. The situation is unsustainable and genuinely heartbreaking. 

Canada is one of the largest economies in the world. It is rich in resources and has a population relatively sparse for it's size. We have a well trained, efficient military with the experience and capability of providing relief and airlifting refugees to our country..

 I believe the immediate solution is to mount an operation to airlift and rescue these people While some precautions might be necessary, any bureaucratic or legalistic issues should be secondary. 

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