Accept White South African refugees to Canada!

Accept White South African refugees to Canada!

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70,000 White South Africans have been brutally murdered since Apartheid ended!                                                         

There are 10 stages of Genocide. South Africa is at level 8!

White South Africans are currently suffering from persecution at the hands of an oppressive government. Their lives are at risk, livelihoods are destroyed and property under threat thanks to being treated as second class citizens due to anti-White racial hatred. Only the mainstream media in Australia, parts of Europe and Israel are focusing on this issue. There has been a media Blackout in Canada and the US on this tragedy for political reasons. Canada gives the SA Government and NGO's millions of dollars every year in Foreign Aid!

The situation has deteriorated so much that a significant proportion of the country's White population has resorted to living in make-shift camps. There are approximately 80 of these "squatter camps" in South Africa, where White people live below the poverty line. They are a legacy of the affirmative action measures taken by the ruling African National Congress in order to promote jobs for blacks simply because of their skin color. 

It is our responsibility to help those suffering in South Africa. White Lives Matter, and thus we call on the Canadian Government to halt its usual refugee intake in favor of accepting White South Africans who are suffering unjust hardship and turbulence. If the Canadian Government really cares about true social justice, they will give emergency visas to White South Africans in order to help them escape oppression. Australia and Russia have started to take them in but Canada needs to open it's doors also as there are 4.5 million White South Africans suffering under the final stages of genocide.

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Genocide Watch is the Coordinating organization of The International Alliance to End Genocide (IAEG), an international coalition of organizations. The IAEG aims to educate the general public and policymakers about the causes, processes, and warning signs of genocide; to create the institutions and political will to prevent and stop genocide; and to bring perpetrators of genocide to justice.

According to Dr. Stanton, the ten stages of genocide are:

1. Classification

This first stage is where a nation is divided into various groups for political reasons. This happened in South Africa under the apartheid regime, but it now also being sustained by the ANC government for their own political agendas.

2. Symbolization

The Jews, during Nazi Germany, were forced to wear the yellow Star of David so that they may be easily identified and stigmatized.
Today, in South Africa, the mere skin colour and language (Afrikaans) are used as symbols to identify the particular ethnic groups that are being targeted for extermination.

3. Discrimination

During the apartheid years, racial discrimination was very intense, especially against blacks, coloureds and Indians. South African society was much divided. When the ANC was elected to power, promises were made to unite South Africa into one rainbow nation.
This country is much more divided than before; apartheid laws are no longer on the statute book, but the nation remains deeply divided.

The unwise application of affirmative action is driving all ‘born free’ children to foreign Western and Asian countries to look for jobs and better prospects. Thousands of their best young people (highly qualified) have left South Africa and are working in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zeeland, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and several other countries where the prospects are much better.

And that is why South Africa is suffering from an acute skills shortage and a brain drain.

4. Dehumanization

The early signs of the dehumanization of white South Africans are clearly visible in South Africa. Many black politicians like Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema are referring to white citizens as ‘settlers’ or ‘colonialists’, ‘racists’, and many other negative words.

Anytime you are making these racial distinctions, you are dividing the humanity of the human race.

5. Organization

In South Africa, there are several radical, Marxist, black groups like the EFF and BLF that are being trained ideologically to hate Whites, who are being labeled as ‘settlers’, ‘colonialists’, ‘racists’ and ‘counter-revolutionaries’.

This is exactly what the Hutus did to the Tutsis before the genocide; they labeled the Tutsis as ‘cockroaches’ and ‘vermin’ that needed to be exterminated in order to ‘save’ Rwanda.

6. Polarization

South Africa can be classified as a polarised society.
The dream of Nelson Mandela to build one united rainbow nation has been destroyed by incompetent and short-sighted political leaders like Jacob Zuma.

7. Preparation

As a society, South Africa is at this critical stage where radical, political groups like the EFF, BLF, and others, are meticulously planning the removal of White farmers from their farms in the name of ‘land redistribution’ and ‘taking back their land’.

This, of course, is a pretext for violence, murder, and theft in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation.’

Singing ‘freedom’ songs like ‘Kill (kiss) the Boer, kill (kiss) the farmer’ glorifies the killing of white people in South Africa. Supporters of the EFF are encouraged to literally kill white South Africans in the name of ‘liberation’. Mob psychology is used to instigate violence against white Afrikaans speaking farmers.

8. Persecution - Where SA is currently at

The persecution of White, Coloured, Indian and foreign Africans have begun in their motherland by radical, black political groups like the EFF.

Whites are told to go back to Europe, Indians are told to go back to India, and foreign blacks (who are labeled as makwere kwere) are beaten and told to go back to their northern African countries.

The discrimination of foreign blacks by South African blacks is very severe and the intolerance is growing daily.

9. Extermination and, lastly, (70,000 Murders so far)

The farm murders that are taking place in South Africa are meticulously planned by radically politicized groups to rid the country of White farmers under the pretext of ‘taking back the stolen land.’

The brutality of farm murders in their country is shocking. Often, nothing is stolen and it becomes clear that many of these crimes are hate crimes, perpetrated by people who have been incited to commit murder.

It does not matter if many farmers have bought their land legally after 1994, the lie is still propagated that they stole the land from blacks.

The Marxist ideal is to take away all private ownership and to allow the state to own all the land – this was done in Zimbabwe as well. It also resulted in Robert Mugabe owning 13 farms personally, all ‘liberated’ from White farmers by ZANU-PF members.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!