Prevent Blossom Garden and Surrounding Markets from an Illegal Takeover

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Prevent Blossom Garden and Surrounding Markets from an Illegal Takeover

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Raad Rahman started this petition to The government of Bangladesh

On the 3rd of April, 2015, in complete disregard to court orders, the Chittagong Development Authority's Shahenur Islam held Syed Ziad Rahman, at gunpoint, as some of the city's most disgusting thugs attempted to bulldoze part of Rahman's property in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Even though Rahman has a permanent stay order to remain, the family has been the target of abominable atrocities, including several false cases filed under Rahman's name.

This has to stop. To give you a sense of how ridiculous things got- the police even tried to arrest Syed Ziad Rahman for allegedly attacking Mr. Nurul Islam, one of the men behind the present situation at hand. Rahman had to go to court to prove, through showing his passport, that he was NOT EVEN IN THE CONTINENT, when Mr. Islam claimed Rahman attacked him.

High level political impunity has long been the norm in Bangladesh, but this situation is something different altogether- it is about saving one of the last stretches of green in the city of Chittagong, Bangladesh's port city. It's about recognizing that greed and power has its limits, and these limits begin with leaving honest businesses and businessmen alone. 

NONE of the shopkeepers, or Rahman, was informed that the Chittagong Development Authority would attempt arson, vandalism, and hooliganism in order to continue attempting this illegal takeover.

A man who alleges to be the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's brother, has been illegally trying to take over Blossom Garden, the house next to it, and the market that existed until it was illegally demolished on the property. His name is Kazi Ekram, and he is the head of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Somewhere along the way, the then mayor of the city, Mr. Moinuddin, attempted to take over the property too, and turn it into his mayoral office. When Moinuddin fell out of favor with other party members and none of them backed him up, Engineer Musharraf Hossain, the owner of the prominent Peninsula Hotel, who also happens to be the Minister for Works in Bangladesh, also began to chime in. Now, between Hossain and Ekram, they somehow eventually managed to even get the Chittagong Development Authority to attempt to bulldoze the property.

EVEN THOUGH these folks have no legal grounds to it.

The house and the property are city landmarks- you see them whenever your pass by the center of town. Travelers use it as a mark to know they have arrived in Chittagong; students sit at the bottom of the hill enjoying cultural concerts at the neighboring arts institute Shilpokola Academy. 

If the Peninsula Hotel and Ekram get it, this entire spot would be a concrete jungle.

Please spread the word, and get this message out to everyone you know. They can try to bully us, bulldoze us, and even threaten the entire family with guns, but the time for silence is over.

Save our house, and subsequently save Chittagong from becoming the disgusting concrete jungle that some of the country's corrupt MPs want it to become. DOWN WITH IMPUNITY!

Please sign the petition, which we hope to present to the Bangladeshi government as a show of global solidarity against the high level impunity and corruption that some of the country's MPs showcase. 

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This petition had 266 supporters