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Help resolve the elderly being denied of their medication deliveries!

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Management have made changes to the delivery of medication to the elderly residents and it's not good!

- They now receive 2 webster packs to last them 2 weeks rather than the usual of 1 per week. They are getting very confused having that much medication on hand, so much so, that some haven't been taking their medication. There are patients that can sometimes struggle with 1 webster pack as it is so 2 is very dangerous.

- There are now set areas to deliver to during each day of the week. If a patient rings up and asks for a script to be processed and delivered and it's not the specified day, they won't get their medication.

- If a mistake is made due to pharmacy error and they forget to send some medication with their webster pack or requested delivery, it won't go until the next day at the very least. However, if it's an urgent medication, it is allowed to be delivered...

- I have always been told not to waste any time talking to or getting to know the patients. I have always ignored this and spent quality time with each patient every single day asking them how everything is going and having a polite chat with them. They really appreciate this and they absolutely hate it when I'm unwell and not at work because no one else brings them any respect or kindness. I have an amazing relationship will all of them and if I was found to be showing any type of care factor towards them, I would lose my job straight away. 

- When I'm unwell or on a holiday, they reject delivery requests from patients to make the job easier and lighter for whoever takes my place.

A few questions I put forward to management and their responses;

Q: "What happens if a patient rings up because they are out of tablets and need them delivered?"
A: "Well, that's where we have to train them to learn to get their prescriptions before they run out!"

Q: What happens with patients with that often go out for a walk in the sun and aren't home when I arrive to deliver their medication?"
A: "If they haven't let us know that they're going for a walk, then they'll have to come and pick it up?"

*I have recently been given slips that say "you've missed the pharmacy, call to arrange a pickup time"*
Q: "What happens with patients that don't have any way to come and pick up their medication because a lot of them aren't very mobile? Hence, why they're getting a delivery?"
A: "They'll have to find someone or wait until the next day for a delivery"

Q: "What happens when you've changed a patient's delivery day to one that I know 100% that they won't be there because they have previously specified they won't be at home that day?"
A: "Then they won't get their delivery!"

- A lot of my elderly patients I deliver to are really angry with these changes. Even just management changing their delivery day has confused them enough, let alone receiving another pack on top of it and now being denied requests on any day other than their specified day for the area of town.

I really care about my patients and every single one of them know that. Their faces light up every time I see them. Some even give me a hug or a handshake every time I leave because they are that grateful. They always say to me; "If it's a really hot day and you ever need a cool drink, you're always welcome to come and ask for one!"

We need to care for the elderly and make their lives easier, especially when it comes to their health and medication.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully support this. I will be fighting for things to change!

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