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To the Citizens of Australia and the Australian Government,

I am writing to you in regards to the problem of "bullying" that is continuing in our public and private schools. I understand that each school has a “bullying policy” in place, which does not appear to work. After years of studying within various schools and researching different styles and acts of "bullies", I have thoroughly analysed and posted to known associates an idea, and this may be a solution. I have questioned many parents and teachers as to how this, once implemented, could work. I have discussed, with others, over the past few years, within different demographics, if this strategy would work and have found it could benefit in many ways and multiple areas.

My proposal would be to place extra people working within the school grounds of primary schools. This is, I believe, where the "pecking" order is established and often goes unchecked which leads to the tragedies we see today.
Studying and researching the instances where the "bullying" starts and even hearing from those that have been thru this situation, it is obvious, that "bullies", target and act whenever there is no authority around. If there is a chance of being "caught" then the "bully" retreats, if only for a while, before the authority figure has turned away or left. The "bullied" will either retaliate or submit, telling on the "bully" is encouraged although the backlash after the fact can sometimes deter the victim from "dobbing in" in the first place.

Teachers are given tasks that surpass just "teaching". The roles I have witnessed, within a public school, being undertaken by teachers is an impossible one. For perspective I am using a school that is government run and one that I have experience with but will not name. This school has 15 staff members, of which 5 are administration staff and 3 are heads of the school. I have not included the aides, grounds-keepers or cleaners. We are left with 7 teachers that patrol the grounds during the lunch period ( I have counted less on the grounds on occasion) to monitor and control some 1055 students.

The sad reality of any occupation or career choice is boredom/lack of care, desensitisation or even lack of attention. This is more common than you think at our schools and I have spoken with parents from different states and separate schools on what they have seen and most comments were "lack of supervision/care". Teachers are expected to be everywhere at all times and this is not physically possible.

"Bullying" stems from various reasons. Reasons no psychologist or psychiatrist will ever be able to definitively say "is why". Home life, Social justification, Low self esteem, Personality clashes, heartbreak, Issues with authority, Jealousy, Rumours, Peer pressure, the list can go on. So there is no " one cure for all", but there could be a prevention and an understanding ear before there are more pointless suicides.
(Before you think of how much this will cost, or what it would take to even get started, rest assured that I have thought of every detail and researched everything required and calculated down to the last cent, what it would take. The surprising part is the money saved for the government.)

Placing extra eyes and ears on the playground, to watch & react to confrontations or anti social behaviour before it can become uncontrollable. More visible authority on the playgrounds will be a large deterrent for this kind of behaviour, as kids hide well, especially when they want to intimidate or act in a way that can be seen as wrong or be in trouble for.

Extra authority within the school grounds to spot anything or hear anything that is inappropriate. They will report what was witnessed, or heard, to the school headmaster and also their area manager to ensure adequate action has been taken. No child or teacher will be ridiculed or reprimanded as this is a form of what we are aiming to eradicate. Instead, they will be pulled aside in a non-confrontational way and allowed a voice. Give them a counselling option either within the school system or out of the school. At this stage there would be no need to phone the parents unless there was a validated reason (this action could lead to more issues which I will save you from reading here).

If we were to start this process in primary schools, at an early age, where their young minds haven't discovered what "bullying" is, the children will not be aware of what "bullying" means, thus heading into high school with new values and self respect. Children are moulded, starting in primary school, into functional and well adjusted adults.

This will be beneficial to the schools and staff, our children and future adults, parents, the workforce, the government and those looking for school time work hours. This could benefit the entire country.

The teachers will no longer feel like our childrens' babysitters and have extra pressure taken from them, and are able to concentrate on the learning aspect which will save any child from slipping through the cracks of the education system.

The schools will not be a scary place for our children anymore and they won’t be stressed/anxious or nervous, which in turn leads to a better teaching environment.
For the employment industry itself, the parents who are on centrelink benefits and have children of schooling age are now able to work. The people on government benefits who are wanting to re-enter the work force or are having problems with obtaining employment, now have a chance to make a difference.

The children would greatly benefit as they would be taught self respect and respect for others, empathy and care from being shown right from wrong, whether they are taught this at home or not, they will learn this from having the extra caring hands available to be guided on a positive path.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Should you wish to see the layout of operations and expenditure please feel free to email me.

This project, I believe, will positively impact our young ones minds and limit, if not abolish, the bullying within our schools. Lets aim for a confident & safer education.

The policies in place at this moment do NOT work in the majority of schools. There is a problem and this may be the answer.

Thank you for your time and if you feel this will make a difference please sign away and share share share! please :-D


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