New Covid 19 relief payments

New Covid 19 relief payments

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Started by Nicole Johnson

We the people who reside in the United States of America is constantly being drowned out by economic status put before us.  This country was already struggling when the president presented us with the killing disease of Covid-19 and made things worse than they were.  Jobs were an issue now we have no jobs and a deadly Covid-19 preventing us from working, paying bills, surviving, leaving our houses and killing of our loved ones.  We can't even send our children to school without the extra stress, nor can we work productively without wearing a face mask for 8 hours a day.  I tried and it and it was hard to breath. My employer didn't give me an opportunity to catch my breath or was compassionate enough to tell me to take a break and then come back to work after my breathing felt better.  

Not everyone want to sit around and collect.  However, the government has displaced us and has killed our loved ones, yet we have to be vacinatted and some who have been has died from the medicine or contracted Covid-19 twice.  What do we do while our government is making 6 figures and me personally was fired for taking my mask off to breath.

Please help my family and I.  I am speaking for all who are and will be impacted from this deadly and uncomfortable strain... Covid-19

My family is starving and behind on our bills, because I was fired for taking off my mask to breath.

Thanks Covid-19 for making our lives worst than it was.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!