National Water Board needed to secure Australia's water to provide water for our Farmers

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We are witnessing one of the longest and hot Summers for years which is resulting in a huge crisis in Farming and Agriculture industries and it is only going to get worse.

The plan for the National water board is to map Australia's current water supply,storage,usage and desalinisation plants,then to provide a master plan on how to get water to the areas where it is needed most.They will need to see where more water could be sourced from such as the tropical rains area , rivers which run out to sea without being tapped at present and  more desalinisation plants plus increasing the output of the ones we already have, this will result in huge amounts amounts of pipework and pumping stations to move the water around.

The line in the dry cracked earth must be drawn and we have to give Mother nature a helping hand in particular our food bowl areas.

Action is need to get the building of infrastructure started in the most needy areas which will give the most benefit to the Farmers who need it.

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Thank you  Jeff Potts 14/02/2019